Monday, August 14, 2006

Going to the Doctor

Caleb was born with a heart murmur. The doctors said the murmur was probably transitional and would go away given enough time. Even though they thought it would go away they wanted him to be seen by a Pediatric Cardiologist just to make sure. I had to drive from home to Savannah because this doctor is not in our county. The drive is a good hour due to traffic. With that amount of time I have to feed Caleb once we get there. There is nothing quite like nursing a baby in your car while sitting in a parking deck. Once we got to the doctor the waiting room was terribly crowded with several unattended loud children. Thankfully, Caleb was very good and stayed either sleeping or just content. That didn't last long though. He lost it once he was taken to the back. The nurse had to take his blood pressure and do an EKG. Both of those tests are dependent on staying still. I don't know how they expect a baby, not quite 6 weeks old, to stay still especially when he is cold and mad. We had to attempt these tests several times due to Caleb's behavior. The only thing that worked was to nurse him again in the examination room. Aaaahhh, nothing quite like nursing a baby in a doctor's office. The tests finally worked but the EKG was very sad looking. There had to have been at least 8 cords coming off of Caleb's chest, side, and legs. Poor little guy!! I would be mad too. We made it to the room where the actual doctor would see him. That is when he decided to be happy. He smiled and made happy noices. The doctor came in and listened to Caleb's heart. The crying started up again but thankfully the doctor was able to get enough information before that. After all was said and done, Caleb was asleep once I put him in his carseat. He slept all the way home and is still sleeping now. The break is great for me but this behavior would've been nice during his doctor's visit too. I'm just glad we are home now and Caleb is healthy. No visits to the doctor until his 2 month checkup and then we get to do shots! Yeah!

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