Thursday, August 17, 2006

It is time to start...

Caleb turned 6 weeks yesterday. Yeah! He is so big now with an actual double chin. I am so proud at how ell he is growing up. He is even starting to have some kind of daily schedule. You know I like that. Anyway, enough bragging for now. Since Caleb was born I've known I would be needing to lose some weight. I've lost a good bit of my pregnancy weight thanks to breastfeeding. I am very happy with that aspect of of breastfeeding. But, I started my pregnancy already overweight. When Chris and I decided to go off birth control I kept saying, "You need to lose weight before you get pregnant so you'll have a lower baseline." I said that over and over again. Then I got pregnant a lot quicker than I thought. I thought that since I had been on birth control for almost 3 years that surely it would take more than 3 months to get pregnant. I had time right? Wrong! So, these past 6 weeks I've been telling myself to not push it because I am still recovering from Caleb's birth (C-section) and I need to focus on him and getting into a rhythm. Well, he is six weeks old now, my incision doesn't hurt anymore, and he seems to be getting a schedule. I think I've exhausted all my excuses.

So, I'm am declaring that it is time to start on this journey for weight loss. I'll use this blog to document my days as a mommy and that includes my adventure in getting my body back. I confess it is hard to eat right at times when I can only use one hand to eat with a squirming, sleepy baby in the other arm. Drinking water is no problem being that I'm breastfeeding. Granted there are days that I fail and Caleb gets way hungry due to a drop in my milk supply. But, over all getting my water is easy. Most days I think I drink close to a gallon. Whoo! For exercise, I thankfully have an awesome indoor rowing machine that we bought with some inheritance money. I love it!! I actually got Chris to watch Caleb last night while I rowed 2000 meters. I will be using the rower as often as possible and once the weather cools off I will start walking too. I'll be keeping a log of my progress and that weight. Ick! Here goes nothing!

Starting weight: 174 lbs. (fully clothed)
Fat %: 35.5 %

May the adventure begin!

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