Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh my Gosh! My House!

Caleb and I were just taking a nap together and I came to a terrible realization. My house is a MESS! There is clutter everywhere and I mean everywhere! Clutter clutter clutter!! When did my house get to this point?! I know, I am the mother of a barely 2 month old son and housework does not have to be the highest priority right now especially when I'm already struggling to keep my priorities straight. But, good grief! This is horrendous. I know I wasn't the neatest housekeeper before Caleb was born. I confess that. I know Chris would agree. I just never thought it could get to this point. Now I have to face the task of tidying up somehow, sometime. I guess I can try to just pick up a little bit each day and the theory is that my house will be much cleaner some day. I just hope my cluttery nature does not out run my attempts to pick up.

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