Saturday, August 19, 2006

What a day!

Wow! Today has been something else! Chris, Caleb, and I are finally in for the night at my Dad's house. I had no idea that we would be doing so much when we came down here. Let me start with last night. Caleb hates traveling in the car. So, he actually cried half way of the 2 hour drive. I was afraid of that. He finally fell asleep after a rapid diaper change that occurred during a stopped train. That was interesting! We go to Dad's house and it went pretty smoothly from then on. Today we woke up and went to McDonald's for breakfast. That was fun. After that Chris, Caleb, and I went to Red Lobster with an old High school friend. That was fun too. I assumed we would be in for the day till dinner time. Nope! Betty, my stepmom, wanted to take Caleb to her parent's house for them to meet him. That went pretty well except Caleb had long passed his tolerance of his carseat by that point. Finally we went out for BBQ at my favorite local restaurant. The food was wonderful but the atmosphere left me wanting. We apparently got the kid's room. It was probably the loudest room in the resturant. Caleb finally had enough and started to cry. Well, some people next to us started looking at us and made comments about "that crying baby." Of course. they had some pretty loud kid's themselves and they weren't making comments about the other loud kids in the room. I finally had enough and took Caleb out of the resturant. I didn't blame him one bit for being so upset. He has never been away from home for so long and he has never been held by so many people in one day either. Poor Kid! We are home now and Caleb is fed, in his pajamas, and sleeping soundly in his crib. I am so glad. I confess I am going to stay home from church tomorrow morning and sleep in and let Caleb have a quiet morning. He needs it terribly. I hope he sleeps well and recovers well from his BIG DAY! I'll be back after we get home. :-)

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