Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today Caleb and I took a nap together. For some reason he has no problem falling asleep when he is on me but the moment that I move him to his crib he starts to cry quite profusely. He has to get used to his crib someday and for that reason I usually move him to his crib as soon as I think he is drowsy or asleep enough. I then move on to my own activities. Well, I've been going through that cycle today several times already to no avail. Finally, around 11:30 I fed him and let him sleep on my chest while I lay down on the couch. I ended up falling asleep myself. It was very sweet and touching to wake up and to see Caleb out cold on top of me. My first thought was to move him to his crib right then. But, then I realized what a precious moment this was. So, I just lay there and looked at him over and over again. I knew that it won't be long before he is too big to sleep on his Mom. I just savored the moment for a good 20 minutes or so. Finally, I had to get up and move around and I braved moving Caleb to his crib. He woke up just as I expected. Now he is in his swing with a full belly. I haven't gotten too much done today but I am so glad that I got to take that nap with my son.

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