Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What we are up to

This past Sunday Chris and I packed up the family, including Eowyn, and headed to Atlanta so that Chris could take a class for his business. I had the option of being a "big girl" and staying home with Caleb and maintaining our regular schedule at home. But, who wants to do that? We are staying at my sister's house so we don't have to pay for a hotel and I am staying home during the day while Chris is in his class. Everyone else is either at school or work. It is just us during the day...and two other dogs.

I have to say that it is interesting during the day. I have to referee everyone all the time. The two other dogs are terrified of Eowyn and I think Eowyn enjoys the power has found. I have to make sure Caleb doesn't go tumbling down the various staircases and doesn't further terrorize the other dogs. {SIGH} It is fun, though. I would much rather be doing this than staying home alone for a week.

The cool thing is that I have my sister's car for the day and we're are about to head out for a little "out of the house" time. My sister gave me a "Free Cappacino" coupon at Barnes & Noble and you know that is where I am headed.

We are having a blast and enjoying the change of pace, once again. I will come by here as often as I can sneak away to the laptop. I can't wait to share a post I am working on about my most recent and most ambitious bread adventure.

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