Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Make It From Scratch Carnival--January 22nd

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to the Make It From Scratch Carnival! I am so excited to be hosting this week. Over the past few weeks I have really gotten into making more and more of our food from scratch. I am slowly becoming more aware of what we are putting into our body and I've come to the conclusion that the only way to not really worry about it is to just make as many things as I can from scratch. My mind is swimming with all the different things I want to try in the future (ex. jams and jellies, dog food, peanut butter, etc.). I am jumping head first into the "Make It From Scratch" Bandwagon. So Exciting!!

Anyway, please check out what all these lovely people are making from scratch. Not everything is food either. Leave a comment if you wish. ;-) ENJOY!!

A young man shows how he could be a future engineer.

Did you know you can use dishwasher fluid with your laundry?

Yummy Cappucino Muffins AND some great financial tips to help with the New Year.

My mind is spinning with gift ideas because of this lovely recipe of Cakes in a Jar. Hmmmm....maybe just a great idea for my own enjoyment. ;-)

Great ways to get your family to eat those icky vegetables. Geez! I need this one.

Have you ever tried making your own paper?!?! Learn how here.

All I can say is "OH MY GOODNESS!!" That looks so good! Check out this recipe for Bananas Supreme.

One of the things I REALLY want to make from scratch is jams or jellies. I was excited to see this post for garlic jam. Did you know you can make jams in the bread machine (some models)? I'm going to have to check my bread machine!!

I really want to attract more birds to my yard. This recipe for homemade bird suet might help.

For those cold, windy days there is nothing like a good cup of Hot Chocolate. Here is some very informative post on how to use organic Cacoa to make a yummy Hot Cocoa.

Need a little pampering?? Here's how to use strawberries as an instant scrub or as a foot scrub.

Here's a post about an adorable kimono-style apron for all those littles running around the house.

We love pancakes swimming in syrup around here. I was intrigued when I saw this recipe for homemade pancake syrup.

This Warm and Fuzzy Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal looks lovely for those cold mornings too.

I've heard of Corn Fritters, but Zucchini Fritters are new to me. Check out this recipe.

Here a blogger selects her MVP list of cookbooks (very useful) and offers a recipe for Chicken Provencal.

Valentine's Day is coming up!! How about making your Valentine's Cards this year?

Not only was this curtain project frugal it was pretty too.

Since we are being crafty a minute or two, check out this post on how to make those handy magnetic notepads for your fridge.

I am starting to really enjoy Eastern European cuisine because of Chris' Polish background. This Chicken Paprikash looks scrumptious!

This one is for those who can't fight off that terrible cold. Try these down-home remedies. (Let me throw in that vinegar and honey (equal parts) works great on a sore throat. The vinegar cuts through all the junk in your throat and clears it and the honey makes it easier to swallow and just feels good going down.)

This All Natural Chicken in Red Sauce looks easy enough to make.

Ooohhhh...I love recipes with as few ingredients as possible. Having a toddler makes prep work a bit tough. Here is recipe for Taco Soup that has only SIX ingredients. Whoohoo!

For those traveling with small children, try these Travel Felt Boards.

I am all about being easy and I enjoyed looking at this recipe for Easy Chicken Vegetable Bake.

Here are some wonderful ideas of how to use orange zest in your cooking and around your house.

Finally, here the account of my adventure into baking most adventurous bread yet.

Thank you Everyone for participating this week. There are some real gems up there. ;-) Be thinking about what you want to submit next week. Our friend over at GreenStyleMom is hosting.

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Anonymous said...

Mine isn't listed although I sent it in through

It was this one:

Easy Chicken & Vegetable Bake

HowToMe said...

Nice looking carnival. I'm reading some of the posts now :-)

Ours seems to have been left out. If you end up including it let me know, otherwise I'll submit our "zest" post for next week.

Kind Regards :-)

Anonymous said...

The link to my zucchini fritters recipe is not working. Could you check it, please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for including my entry. Great job in hosting this week's MIFS. Have a nice day!

Sarah said...

Thank you for such early comments! ;-) I have fixed the broken link and made sure the others were properly included. I'm sorry for missing you.

HowToMe said...

Thank you, Sarah. That was very nice of you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for putting mine in. Thanks for hosting this week!

Lots of goodies this week.

GreenStyleMom said...

Thanks for hosting!

vh said...

Garlic jam! Gotta check that one out... Remember: "There is no such thing as too much garlic"

Thanks so much for including Funny in this delightful round-up! --vh