Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bringing Him Respect--Part Two

Weights, Vitamins, Healthy Foods

As you know from my previous post I am devoting much of my time during the day in ways that will Bring My Husband Respect. I started out primarily focusing on the house and how I spend my time during the day while he is at work. I came to the realization that I was squandering much of my time and I accumulated quiet a "homemaking debt." I have come a long way in my journey back home and I look forward to sharing some of the great ideas I have for the new year.

But, there was another area in my life that has been greatly neglected. Such a sensitive weight. Ugh! I was greatly blessed after having Caleb that I was able to pretty much lose all 30 pounds I gained with him rather quickly. I give all the credit to nursing him. The problem was that I was about 10-15 pounds overweight when I got pregnant. I blame that on being too cozy in my marriage and not watching myself closely enough. So, I came down to still being overweight and continued to not watch myself closely enough. The pounds have slowly crept back on and it is icky.

I have known for awhile that I need to lose weight but I never had the motivation or the desire to "Get It Done." Losing weight is hard work and I would so miss my cookies and ice cream. I kept putting it off. We have been ready to have another baby and we pray we will get pregnant soon. The idea of getting pregnant at this weight knowing I will probably gain another 30 pounds is quite scary. I would go into uncharted waters of weight-dom for me. Did that realization stop me from eating my cookies and ice cream? NOPE!

Finally, the other day I was driving to the church and I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me about my weight. I learned that Chris has been struggling with my weight for awhile. Ouch! I also realized that if I REALLY want to get pregnant I need to do what I can now to reduce my weight and become more healthy. As I drove I realized that being more mindful of my weight and health is something that will "Bring My Husband Respect." Since my body is not my own anyway, I need to take care of what is his to begin with. Gotchya! That was the one piece of motivation I needed to really get started. I vowed in the car that I would begin the journey towards a lighter me.

I found out later that my time in the car was just preparation for a conversation I had later with Chris. He confessed his struggles to me about my weight and I shared what I had already thought. He promised to support me the best way he can. He won't eat ice cream or cookies in front of me and he won't eat after 7 pm with me. He catches me "being good" and compliments me on it and is just serving as my accountability partner.

I officially weighed in on Sunday (Dec. 30) and Sunday will be my weekly weigh-in day. I am currently watching my portions, drinking tons of water, sworn off cookies (unless I've been extra good that day and even then only 1 or 2), and going to the YMCA as often as possible. I will "Diet Naked" here and be completely open and honest right here on the blawg.

So, here it goes!

December 30, 2007 --> 176 pounds

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Sheila Hill said...

I really love the blog about "Bringing Him respect." I have been going through some of the same struggles lately. Our story sounds very similar. We too are trying to conceive, and I recently gained about 5 more pounds through the holidays. Anyway, I hope to gain some inspiration through you (now that I've found your site). Thanks for visiting FrugalGeorgiaMom! Great to know we live so close!!!