Sunday, January 06, 2008

Motivation That Hurts...And Works

Chris emailed me earlier this week offering me some motivation to shed the pounds. We upgraded my life insurance policy recently and Chris said that because of my weight it would be $70 extra a year. Ugh! I try so hard to save the family money every day and here I am costing the family money. However, I can get that $70 back if I lose the weight within the next twelve months. Chris needs to find out what that number is and that will be my new goal or I will keep my current goal (26 pounds) whichever is higher.

As for my weigh-in today:

173!!! Total Loss So Far: 3 pounds! Yeah!!

Have a Happy Sunday!

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Sheila Hill said...

Congrats! I refuse to get on the scale for now. But my husband and I are trying to eat healthier. We've eaten vegetables and such that I haven't eaten since I was a child. So we'll see how this goes. Our Women's Ministry at church is also sponsoring a "Walking" ministry 3 times a week starting this week. Thinking about joining that too. Can't hurt, huh? :)