Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Little Guy is Lucky!

Today was Caleb's 18 month appointment and it went pretty well except for the finger prick and the two shots he got. We also found out that my little string bean is underweight. He is almost 19 months old and he only weighs 22 pounds!! That would've been a good weight 6 months ago.

We feed him all day long. He eats whatever we eat and apparently that is keeping his weight down. He loves green beans, corn, noodles, bread, etc. Remember that I am trying to lose weight and that is reflected in my choices in lunch and dinner and since Caleb eats our table food, he is getting "lose weight" food. When given the choice between a chicken nugget and a green bean he will pick the green bean every time. Chris and I thought that was a great habit to be starting this early. We were wrong apparently. Beans have no fat and hardly any calories and an active 18 month boy needs calories, fat, and protein.

We also thought it was great he was drinking his whole milk throughout the day. Nope! Apparently, the whole milk is filling him up and he doesn't want to eat a decent amount of food which is where most of his calories need to come from. Milk in the morning and evening and water/juice during the day from now on. I guess that will help us stretch our milk budget farther.

I wish I was in Caleb's shoes. Instead of cutting out the sweets and the hamburgers, to hear the doctor say "Bring it on!" would be a dream of mine. He is so lucky! ;-)

The doctor told us to come back in two months for a weight check and she wants him to have gained 5 pounds by then. That is a lot for such an active little boy. I guess this is a great excuse to pick up my baking. I don't mind one bit, Buddy!

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