Saturday, January 05, 2008

Darn You, Accountability!!

You all know now that I have a goal to lose about 25 pounds. I haven't set a goal date yet. I am plugging along pretty well except for the INSANE cravings I've been having for cookies and such. It doesn't help to watch the Food Network while you are on the treadmill.

Anywhoo, it turns out that Chris' business partner is also trying to lose some weight. We've communicated about our goals and I guess you could say we have become informal accountability partners.

This morning I was cozy in my comfy clothes working on a baby quilt when I got and email from Chris' partner. It basically said, "Have you gone to the YMCA today? Don't let a good Saturday go to waste. Make Time!" DARN HIM!! I was so content not going to the gym today UNTIL he wrote that email. So, I had to change my clothes and get to the YMCA before the Child Watch closed.

I have worked out today and it was great! Glad I went. But, I REFUSE to work out on Sunday. By Golly!

Here's a random question: If your weekly "splurge meal" tastes icky does it still count as a "splurge meal?" That happened to me last night and I felt so incredibly jipped. I know, I know. If it goes in your mouth, it counts. {SIGH} I just had to try. ;-)

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