Monday, January 28, 2008

I Exercised My Civic Duty Today

Norman Rockwell Paints America at the Polls

Caleb and I made a trip to Chris' office this afternoon so we could go vote in the primary as a family. The official primary is not till February 5th here in Georgia. But, today was the day you could go to the Registrar's office for advance voting. I can't resist an opportunity to skip long lines.

There were only two items on the ballot this time. The Presidental Primary was the first. I voted in the Republical primary and I voted for XXXXXXXXXX. Nope! Not gonna tell. It is called a private ballot for a reason and I really don't want this blog to become a political platform. I'll just say that I voted my conscience and for whom I thought had the most Biblical policies.

The second item on the ballot was a local issue. It was to vote yes or no on whether distilled spirits can be poured by the drink in this county. Yes. My county is still a "dry" county. Believe it or not! Hard liquor cannot be sold in any place within this county. Beer and wine can be sold in the grocery stores and in the restaurants but not hard liquor. The county is growing like crazy and there are some rather large restaurants that have voiced interest in coming in but can't due to the "liquor law." Needless to say, this is a rather hot topic around here especially among the church-going crowd. The options were to vote "yes" to allow the liquor and "no" to not allow it. I voted XXXXXXX. Once again, I don't want to start a debate. Thanks for understanding.

I felt good as I was leaving that I exercised my right AND duty to vote. Now I have bragging or griping rights however this primary turns out. ;-)


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