Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sometimes the Old Stuff Really Does Work

I have been suffering from a horrible sinus issue for the past month or so. It always felt like the whole left side of my face was going to implode and I've been convinced I had a cavity because of the achy teeth on the left side. I was blessed when my Mother-in-Law recommended a great over the counter drug combination to help drain the sinuses. I could only take in the morning because anything 12 noon would keep me up all night long. So, I suffered in pain through the night and when I woke up in the morning. I figured I wanted to sleep more than I wanted the pain gone. My daytime was virtually pain-free because of these lovely drugs.

Last night I was so frustrated with my head that I decided to try another remedy recommended to me by my M.I.L. Why not try a hot compress on my face to help loosen the ickiness up? I haven't tried this because I was so stubborn and determined to let the drugs work. Surely you can't beat modern medicine, right?

I asked Chris to warm up my "Feel Better Bag" (a flannel bag that has rice and herbs in it that warms up in the microwave) and bring it to the bed. He lovingly did so and I put it right on the epicenter of the pain and tried to rest. Y'all, after a few minutes I could literally FEEL the junk break apart in my head and flow out of my sinuses. WOW!!! I fell asleep and enjoyed a pain free night.

This morning I woke up and realized that the pain was STILL GONE. The Feel Better Bag has a place of honor on my pillow and it will be used again tonight.

Isn't funny how the old stuff can really be better than the new stuff sometimes??

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