Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Miss Y'all!

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I miss coming here on a regular basis. I thought I would be able to blog a whole lot more while I am here at my sister's house and Chris is in his class all day and everyone else is in school or working. Surely, I could take a moment and write a short post. Well, I have found that I am either disciplining Caleb because he decided to climb the stairs for the 100th time or I am referee-ing my dog and the other dogs. Geez! Eowyn is such a bully sometimes! I miss hanging out here on the blawg. Hopefully, things will slow down enough.

In the meantime, I also wanted to tell you that I will be hosting the Make It From Scratch Carnival here on Tuesday, January 22nd. Feel free to submit a post on anything you made from scratch and I will feature everything here on Tuesday. Be sure to have your posts turned in by Sunday. To submit a post, just click on the graphic below and follow the instructions. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool things people are making from scratch!! See you then!

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