Friday, November 09, 2007

Jumbo Breakfast Cookies

(First batch out of the oven. These babies are HUGE!)

The past few days I have been a baking fool. I've been making tons of cookies for the camping trip to share with everyone and also to maintain my sanity while stranded staying inside the house with sick little Caleb.

I was thinking last night about an item I saw at the grocery store the other day. It was Quaker Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies. Of course, I couldn't bring myself to buy the box (and pay that price) even though the concept of Breakfast Cookies thoroughly intrigued me. For some reason, cereal just isn't doing it for me these days and I'm always looking for a yummy breakfast. I got online and found these!! Who would've thought! Cookies for breakfast!

What makes this whole story even better is that I was able to clean some things out of my pantry to make them. I had some raisins that we weren't eating fast enough along with some Old-Fashioned oatmeal (I'm still a Quick Oats girl), and Cheerios. I literally had the exact measures left of all three of these items left over.

I am wrapping each cookie in plastic wrap and will take them this weekend to eat and share with everyone. I have a feeling these cookies will be made again real soon. ;-) Hope you like them, Honey!

Hint: I used my mixer for the majority of the process but I had to use a wooden spoon to mix in the Cheerios. If you aren't careful you'll have flying Cheerios everywhere. It isn't pretty. Too bad Eowyn has already gone to the dog sitter's house. She would've been more than happy to oblige.

2 Readers Shared Their Love:

Anonymous said...

FYI those quaker breakfast cookies are not so hot. Dry and heavy and hard to chew was what I remember. Yours will be much better than they were.

Amydeanne said...

oh! I gotta try them! always looking for something to enjoy! :)