Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Quick Reprieve...Sort of

I just thought I would pop in for a couple of minutes while I had the chance. Today has been something else! Caleb has been inconsolable a lot of the day and that has me worried. I'm wondering about his ear because he has been playing with it a lot lately. Needless to say the house and other duties have been greatly neglected and that has put me in a mood.

But, I am thankful for the lovely lunch at a local Mexican restaurant today with my Hubby and his Mom. Caleb was more or less good for that but it was AFTER a long dose of crying, tears, and snot. We came home afterwards, he took a very short nap, and the tears and snot started all over again. I started the phone calls to Chris' mom (a RN) and my sister. Do I call the doctor? Do I take him in? We were there two days ago and he had no ear infection. Who knows.

Finally, Chris' mom offered to take Caleb for a few hours so I could do a Blitz Attack on the house. I was in the car within 5 minutes. Zooom! I came home and it was Shock and Awe, Baby! After I put three loads of laundry away I took a nice hot shower and here I am. I just had to share the joy of it all. Who needs therapy when you can get a couple hours with no little one to clean the house, shower, AND enjoy a nice dinner with your Hubby? LOVELY!

The best part is that I can spend a lot of tomorrow doing the baking I've been yearning to do all week. That is a rather cheap therapy bill too. ;-)

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