Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Is It About Boys And Destruction?

It is becoming more and more clear to this Mommy that Caleb is ALL BOY!! He is starting to play in ways that say nothing more.

The other day he put his tractor toy (push the little farmer and the tractor will drive a short distance) on a kitchen chair, push the farmer, and watch the tractor drive off into the abyss....laughing hysterically. He did it over and over again.

Then last night he took his little puppy toy and put it on the ottoman and pulled the leash to make it roll off the ottoman onto the floor...laughing hysterically, again.

Finally, Chris and I were with him in his nursery. We have stored his infant swing in there for a while. Caleb walked up to the swing and started to push it to watch it swing. He would push it back and then put his head in the right position so that when the swing came back towards him it would bump his head and/or pacifier. He did THAT over and over again...laughing hysterically.

Why do boys do such things?

I think I have my work set out for me.

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