Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Lights That Shine Green

There is so much going on these days in regards to "going green" and finding ways to do the "right thing" to help save the planet or to at least make the earth a healthier place to live. I confess that Chris and I aren't 100% on board with the Green thing. We have a healthy respect for our home but we also aren't going crazy with the doomsday global warming stuff either.

One thing that we are in the process of doing is switching out all the light bulbs in our house. A while back we bought a bunch of Flourescent light bulbs and whenever our old light bulbs burn out we replace them with flourescent ones. Pretty soon we'll be running completely on flourescent lights. Not only are these light bulbs better for the earth, but they are better for the wallet too. Hmmm. Perhaps it is the wallet that screams louder for us. Anyhoo...

With the Christmas holidays coming very soon I know many people are probably already planning their house decorations. They might have pulled their lights out and are starting to untangle that mangled mess they created last year. I even saw a Christmas tree shining through someone's front window yesterday. Well, did you know that you can make the same kind of switch we did to the flourescent light bulbs with Christmas lights ? Yep! You can switch from your old Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights. These little babies use 1/10th of the energy your old incandescent lights use and they last more than 50,000 hours as opposed to the 1500 hours of an incandescent light. That should save us penny pinchers some money this year. These lights are more durable because they don't use that little fragile filament and don't use breakable glass. No heat is created so they are cool to the touch which makes them much safer on your Christmas tree.

If you are like me, jumping on the Green bandwagon is a slow process. Perhaps we can give ourselves a Christmas present this year of LED Christmas lights. That way we can feel good about our contribution to the earth all the while our house looks very pretty and festive. Go check them out!

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