Monday, November 12, 2007

Caleb's Best Friend

Chris and I have returned from the camping trip and are thrilled to be back home and our family complete again. Caleb did stay at Chris' parents' house for the weekend and Eowyn went to a friend's house. When everyone was back home it was very clear that Caleb and Eowyn were so happy to be back together.

My heart swells everytime I see how well Caleb and Eowyn play together. They LOVE each other so much! Caleb will go into the utility room and steal a piece of Eowyn's doggie food and will run all over the house with that one piece just to taunt Eowyn. He will steal Mousers, the most favored toy, and will hold it up in the air and run and run until Eowyn can't handle it anymore. There are plenty of games of hide and seek. When Caleb is eating in his high chair Eowyn will always be right by his side to stand guard beg for food.

When it is time to relax and enjoy a little tv there is sometimes a competition for who gets to stay on the bean bag. Caleb loves to sit there when he watches his Baby Einstein video and Eowyn curls up there with Mousers like it is one of her dog beds. Maybe I should tell her to put a bean bag on her Christmas list.

While there is plenty of competition and antagonizing between these two kids there is also so much love and affection. I feel like I am raising a brother and sister who will punch each other at home but will make anyone else regret they even thought about harming the other. If Eowyn forgets herself, gets overly excited, and knocks Caleb over she is the first to run over to him to check on him and lick his face. Just recently I caught Caleb walk up to Eowyn and give her a big sloppy kiss right on the head. I paused whatever I was doing and I reveled in the beauty of their relationship. Eowyn is most definitely Caleb's best friend. I am looking forward to the many years ahead with these two. It will be precious.

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