Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Party!!

Last night was Caleb's very first Pumpkn Patch Party at our church. Well, we could've gone last year but apparently he was "too small" to go (so says Chris). ;-)

The festivities started when I changed Caleb into his costume. We had to get ready early because we got a call from Chris' parents saying we just HAD to bring Caleb by so he could go trick-or-treating at their house. Here is Caleb posing in his costume. Chris' mom got it for us at The Cracker Barrell for 75% off and we've had it in storage until last night.

Here we are walking through the parking lot towards all the festivities. Caleb was pretty excited with all he saw and heard.

This is what was awaiting our arrival. What you see was just one side of the church. The activities went all the way around the church and well into the inside as well. There was so much to do! Who needs to go Trick-Or-Treating when you have Pumpkin Patch!?!?

Chris and Caleb waiting in line to get our candy bag and wrist bands.

Caleb was already feeling a little to tired as soon as we got into the event. Poor Guy!

But, the swings can wake any tired little boy up!! Who can resist a good swing? Wheeee!

Yummm! Chocolate!! Caleb ate his first Hershey's Chocolate bar. What have I done?!

Caleb's favorite game was the basketball game. It was near impossible to pull him away.

Or putting the Beanie Babies in the Buckets.

The end of a very fun first Pumpkin Patch Party. We'll be back next year for sure!

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