Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Whoever Thinks They Can Camp Light Don't Have a 16-Month Old

This coming weekend is going to be great! We are going on our annual camping trip with all our friends. This trip was started four years ago when a few of us were looking for a way to get away on the cheap. It has since turned into an annual event that is just short of a holiday. It is growing as more friendships are formed and more babies are born. There will be three kiddies there this year along with one in the womb. Chris and I laugh when we think about what it will look like 10 years from now. Y'all this is a HUGE event.

Last night, Chris and I spent the time between Caleb going to bed and our nightly date to organize all our camping supplies and pre-pack. A couple of years ago Chris compiled a master camping checklist and we went off that and got about 90% of it done.

The wild card this year is that Caleb will be camping overnight with us for the very first time. We attended the trip last year for just a day and spent the nights at my Dad's house because the state park was only 30 minutes from his house. This is the first time Caleb will sleep in a tent. With that in mind we had to pack for him too. He needs diapers, wipes, warm jammies, socks, extra warm clothes, hat, coat, etc. The list seems like it never ends. I confess I am anxious about it but I've put into God's hands. If anything, it will be a bonding time for the family and whoever shares our campsite with us. Hee hee! We are taking his mobile, blankie, stuffed monkey, and BOTH pacifiers.

Needless to say, this is not a "pack light" trip and not even close to Primitive Camping. We have to take the van just because we have so much junk stuff essentials. Tonight will be spent prepacking the van. I will be going to the grocery store today and baking cookies for everyone and hopefully packing clothes. Whoo! You would think we were leaving for a week. Nope! Just a weekend.

Oh, we also have to pack up Eowyn so she can go to a friend's house to be doggie-sat. Good Grief!

Update: Caleb is coughing, sneezing, and a bit snotty. He doesn't seem overly sick. We are watching him and I'm keeping him out of the YMCA and the church nursery. I'm giving him lots of juice and having him take plenty of naps. Please pray for healing for him. Chris and I would do the right thing if it came down to it but we REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go on this trip. Some of our friends who will be there we only see once a year on this trip. Thanks!

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