Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Christmas Card With A Mission

It is that time again, folks! Time for turkey, stuffing, football, and family. Of course that is just this week. I know that many people are already making plans for Christmas. Putting up Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music, and buying presents are just a few things on the agenda. How about sending out all those Christmas cards? If you are smart you have already started addressing the envelopes and licking the stamps. I know I have already started writing all the cards for the ladies in my MOPS group at church.

The only problem with Christmas cards, though, is that it can be so hard to find truly beautiful cards these days. Sure, you can find pretty ones and funny ones and touching ones. But, what about the ones that are worthy of putting in a frame after the holidays? Do you have a hard time finding those? What about businesses that want to send out lovely Holiday Cards corporate ? I know you want to make an impression on your customers with your meaningful selection and hopefully gain some new ones in the process.

While I write this post I think about how important a pretty card from home would be for our soldiers overseas. I can only imagine how homesick they are this time of year. There is an organization called Soldier's Angels that provides all types of aide and comfort to our men and women soldiers. I am sure Christmas time is a busy time for these selfless angels.

There is a company called The Gallery Collection that offers those beautiful Christmas cards I mentioned above and they are partnering with Soldier's Angels to send every soldier, who desires one, a Christmas card in a their care package just to say "Thank You For All You Do!". There will also be a blank card that he/she can personally send home. A little taste of home for those who are so far from home and protecting all of our homes. Thank you Gallery Collection for making Christmas a little more special for all of our heroes.

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