Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Blessing of Diapers

Babies in Diapers

Like I said before, I've been learning a lot the past few days as I walk through this "valley" of tantrums and diaper rash. The Lord is really using this time to teach me some things.

On Thursday, I ran some errands with my Mother-in-Law because she was helping me out while my car was in the shop. We ran my errands first and then we went to Sam's Club. I love that place! Chris' mom was so generous and she bought me a BIG box of diapers for Caleb. I recently got my order of diapers from and I was set for the month but I NEVER turn down a box of diapers from anywhere. It was a real blessing to lug that box into the house and stack the diapers up on the changing table.

Little did I know that Caleb would come down with an upset tummy and go through ten diapers on Friday alone and who knows how many over the weekend and even now. I could have bought more diapers if needed but it would really stretch my grocery budget for the month. But, I was given a big box of diapers.

The Lord knew I would need extra diapers and He provided!! The Lord provides in the big things and he provides in the little things....even diapers. This is just one of the things I'm learning these days.

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