Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Have Got To Get Control Of My House!!

This week I was walking through my house when I had a bit of a crisis. Okay, it was a MAJOR crisis. I realized how insanely cluttered my house is with adorable baby toys, annoying doggie toys, and useless knick knacks that serve absolutely zero purpose. I mean, how many times a day do I step on a toy? I'll tell you...way too many. I decided to take a week or two and devote my time to getting the house under control and then creating a schedule to keep it under control. I'm doing pretty well so far and thankfully, Chris is happy with my progress.

While I have been organizing all this stuff I have realized that I lack storage space. As wonderful as my house is, it severely lacks drawer space! I am in major need of some storage solutions , especially in the drawer form. I know my house would look 100X better if I just had a place I could throw things out of sight until I am willing to just throw them away for good.

I was looking around and I found this. Wouldn't those be perfect?!?! I think so!

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