Monday, October 22, 2007

Going For A Swim??

I just HAD to post this picture because I laughed and laughed when I made this discovery. I knew Caleb had been playing in the bathroom and by the time I got the bathroom to pull him out there was no reason to think anything was odd. The toilet cover was even nicely put down. When I went into the bathroom to go...well, you know...I lifted the toilet cover and found this. I'm just glad I looked down first. That mouse (a.k.a Mousers to us) is the love of Eowyn's little heart. I put my needs to the side and ran for the camera and took some pictures. (Chris said the picture was kind of gross but I just couldn't resist sharing.) I pulled the mouse out by the tail which wasn't wet and carried it in a towel and dropped it into the washer for the next load. I know Eowyn is probably missing her dear friend and will be reunited very soon.

I'm just glad I didn't find this in my toilet.

"Their's was a Love Affair!"

UPDATE: The Reunion
Eowyn got Mousers back this morning after running the wash. Look how bright Mousers is now.
Eowyn kept sniffing and sniffing as if she was trying to find her scent.

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