Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hi! Remember me?

I'm sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday of last week. It has been crazy around here. Chris was in a wedding this weekend and he was doing his Groomsmen duties starting Thursday night and well into Saturday night. I missed him so much. But, it was beautiful wedding and we loved attending and supporting the couple in their new life together. Now they are off on their honeymoon to New York City! Whoo! Sounds like fun to me.

My Dad and Stepmom came for the weekend to watch Caleb while Chris and I did the wedding thing. I was getting ready for their stay starting Thursday. That required turning my laundry drying room/eBay staging area/extra storage room into a decent guest room. It took awhile but it turned out nice. Their stay was very nice even though I didn't get to see them enough for my taste. While Chris and I were at the wedding Caleb was taken to the mall for an Evening-O'-Fun. He ate Chick-fil-A and Dairy Queen and then played in the Soft Play area. Needless to say he was zonked when he got home.

Now Chris and I are home and enjoying our Sunday together. I promise to be back in full force starting tomorrow.

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