Sunday, October 14, 2007

Of Sore Bottoms and Tired Mommies...

I am sorry I've been gone since Thursday. Caleb apparently caught a TERRIBLE tummy virus that is going around here. He doesn't go to daycare but he does stay in the church nursery twice a week and the ChildWatch at the YMCA. I guess that is enough to get him sick. The dirty diapers are manageable. It is the AWFUL diaper rash he's gotten. I mean is bottom is TORE-UP!!! It is like I'm trying to torture him everytime I change his diaper and then it takes him a few minutes to recover. He doesn't want to sit down at all. I've been letting him eat his snacks while walking around. We've also been letting him go diaperless for about 15 minutes at a time and that seems to be helping.

We went to the doctor and she prescribed him some stronger bottom cream. But, she also said it looked like he could be getting an ear infection too. The virus from his tummy might've moved north into his head. I also found out he needs to go for his 15 month checkup. WHAT?! I thought his next appointment was at 18 months. Nope! He has shots he needs to get at 15 months. He was 15 months on October 5th. Geez!! Now, I must plan for another torture session checkup.

Caleb and I missed church yesterday and I went to the in-laws' house just so I could catch a quick nap. I woke up to my little boy walking away from me without his diaper and I saw those adorable little cheekers. Such a sweet boy.

So, needless to say I have been in ultra Mommy mode and more focused on his bottom than I care to be. We are going to the park this evening for our church's "Praise in the Park" event. We will sit in the grass, eat yummy sandwiches, and listen to awesome Praise music. We might even buy some ice cream. I pray that tonight will be exactly what Caleb needs and help him to not focus on his bottom either.

We will get through this. The Lord is Lord of all and sore bottoms and tired Mommies.

See you soon!

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