Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rain Days

The past month has been absolutely lovely down here in Georgia. We have had a good full day of rain at least once a week for the past month. Since Georgia has been in such a terrible drought lately, I am loving these days of steady rain.

I confess that I LOVE the rain and rain clouds. There is so much beauty to be seen in those stormy clouds as they approach you. The way the gray becomes darker and darker as the storm becomes more imminent and the thunder claps in the distance. I especially enjoy watching the lightning strike within the clouds as they light up the sky. I am that crazy person you see running outside as a storm approaches when everyone else is running inside. The way the pressure drops and the wind blows past my face is quite invigorating. When I spent six weeks in England during a study abroad program with the University of Georgia I saw many of my classmates become down and depressed because there were more cloudy days than sunny, but I was quite happy and I enjoyed my many walks around town and in the countryside.

Rainy days also bring wonderful memories created at home. Sunny days, unless they are way too hot, are usually spent going outside to play or run errands. But, rainy days are spent in the house playing, reading together, and cuddling. The rain forces me to slow down enough that I can focus more on my home and enjoy those special moments with my son as he grows up way too fast.

I have heard many people say that rain means life and that it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Well, I guess Chris and I got our good luck or the Lord's Blessing, as I prefer to call it, because it did indeed rain on our wedding day. In fact it threatened to rain the entire day with that lovely drop in pressure and wind but it never rained until Chris and I were safe in the "get away" car. The photographer said that someone must have been praying hard because the rain was holding off really well. Praying indeed. My then four year old nephew said he was praying hard for the rain to not come. Thanks, Bud!

I also love to see how things become so green after a good day of rain. The drought stricken ground becomes green and lush. Chris would beg to differ because it means he has to mow the lawn. I think it is lovely, though. The rain brings life to this earth and it is a beautiful thing. Even God thinks so when He puts his signature on a good storm with a rainbow.

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