Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

After Chris' week off from work and working at his new job for almost a week I am so thankful for so much. Here are just a few:

1) Chris' "Vacation At Home"--It sure was nice having him around so much.

2) That Chris was able to relax so much and prepare himself for his new career.

3) How much playtime Chris and Caleb enjoyed.

4) Chris' generous partner.

5) For our trip to visit my sister for the weekend.

6) That Eowyn decided to come after after all.

7) My Mother-in-law's generosity in babysitting Caleb for 24 hours so Mommy and Daddy could have a great date.

8) Being able to exercise with Chris at the YMCA everyday he was home.

9) Chris' excitement for his new job.

10) Chris' peace about making this change.

Last week was beyond wonderful. Chris was home just enough that we started thinking that was normal. Now he is back at work and I miss him. But, I see more pep in his step when he comes home and that makes all worth it. Thank you, Lord!

5 Readers Shared Their Love:

Denise said...

I enjoyed your sweet thankful list, bless you.

Sharon said...

I am glad you hubby has gotten something that makes his life and yours so much better. God is good.

Wendy said...

Great list! I love seeing what others are thankful for!

Vicki said...

Visiting you to rejoice in Thankful Thursday together! Go BULLDOGS!! (I grew up near UGA)

Robin said...

You are a sweetie - thanks for sharing a great list!