Monday, September 10, 2007

Fascinating Podcasts

I have come upon some fascinating podcasts that I wanted to share with everyone. First, let me say that I know the issue of the Patriarchy Movement and/or Patriocentricity is a really hot button issue right now. I am fairly new to learning about it and thus, I have not developed a complete opinion on it as of yet. That is why I haven't written anything here about it.

I found this series of podcasts thanks to Sallie over at A Gracious Home. ThatMom is currently recording a series of podcasts on this very issue and she just released the first one. Go on over here to hear this fascinating podcast and over here to get the schedule for all the upcoming installments. There will be editions through September and even in October.

I have already listened to first podcast and I am so glad to be learning more. I appreciate the podcast format because I can just play it while I do other things on the computer or around the house and not have to commit the time to reading something. Head on over so you can learn some more too.

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