Friday, September 28, 2007

All This Girl Wants is a Cabin in the Woods

It is almost October and Fall is definitely in the air. It is still quite warm here and I find myself wondering if the cool air will ever arrive. Thankfully, it always does and I just can't wait. One thing that always hits me in the fall is the desire to get up and go. I want to see the fall colors and enjoy a good hike in the crisp air. Such a welcome retreat when the heat has been unbearable for months.

In November, Chris, Caleb, and I are going camping with our ever growing circle of friends (We keep having kids!). We'll actually be in tents and sleeping on the ground. Yep, roughing it! This will be Caleb's first overnight camping trip and I know it will be an interesting experience.

One thing that I am really looking forward to sometime in the future is being able to get a nice cabin in the mountains with Chris and Caleb (and whoever has since arrived) and enjoy a FAMILY vacation. I just know it will be lovely bliss. I found this website for vacation rentals where you can plan a family vacation by dealing with the actual owners of cabins, etc. and I thought that was pretty cool. It seems so much more personal. You can search for available rentals in any of the 50 states, including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. When you find the rental spot you want to try you can email the owner and go from there. Cool, huh?

Check Them Out and Happy Vacationing!!

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