Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't These Look Like Fun!

Chris, Caleb, and I live within a reasonable distance from the beach and I look forward to the times we get to go. I confess that I wouldn't consider myself a "beach person" but I do enjoy walking in the sand and running through the bubbles. I've been thinking about the beach a lot more these days because of Caleb. He's never had the joy of the bubbles or building sand castles. Chris and I are planning to take him once the sun isn't quite so oppressive and we can spend more time outside. (We are a pretty fair skinned family).

Whenever we do go to the beach I always see people riding along on their cruiser bikes. They look like so much fun and so easy to ride on the beach sand. The seats especially look comfortable for the tushy. I do remember riding a cruiser bike one day with my Dad when we were on vacation on Kiawah Island. I haven't done it since, though. It was so much fun...until the tide caught us and we were pushing our bikes through the bubbles. ;-)

I enjoyed looking at this website dedicated to beach cruiser bikes. You can look at Classic Beach Cruisers Women's cruisers, Men's cruisers, and even Chopper cruisers for the cooler folks among us. There are so many fun bikes to look at and even accessories to go with them. I can hear the crashing waves already.

Check them out and Happy Beach Cruising!!

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