Friday, September 07, 2007

My Baby Was Missing!

I had quite a scare yesterday. Chris and I returned from the YMCA and we were getting ready to go back out for a lovely time in town while Caleb was at his grandparent's house. I let Eowyn outside and said, "Go Potty, Baby. We're going to be gone for awhile." Chris and I showered and did a couple other things and we were about to leave the house when I heard a dog yelping outside. I rushed out the door and started looking for Eowyn.I called and called and she never came to me. I walked all the way around the house and still no dog. At this point I was getting anxious. I told Chris and he walked around too. He looked in the culverts where Eowyn goes sometimes to cool off in the afternoon. We called some more. At this point I knew there was nothing else we could do. I told Chris and turn off her invisible fence so she could get back in the yard and we left for our date in town. I knew there was a tag on her collar and I just prayed someone would call if they found her.

I called my Dad and Chris' sister and asked them to pray for Eowyn and us because I was rapidly getting very sad. They said they would and asked for me to keep them updated. I talked about Eowyn like she was gone for good. I was so sad!! I missed her so much.

After our date, Chris and I went to his parent's house to pick up Caleb and enjoy some hamburgers from the grill. I continued to miss Eowyn very much. Well, we went on home and as we turned the corner...there she was!! Eowyn was laying out in the front yard like nothing EVER HAPPENED! She had the mischievous grin on her face and she was FILTHY!! But, I was so happy to see her and she was thrilled to see us. Chris let her in the house and she slurped down her water and ate all her food. After Caleb was in bed I bathed her and the water was almost black with dirt. After she was dry, Eowyn curled up on the couch and she slept. She was relaxed and content and that made my Doggie Mommy heart beat a little faster. My baby was missing but now I will not take her for granted.

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