Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Adventures in Breadbaking--Friendship Bread Starter

Okay, I LOVE baking bread. It has become my new passion/hobby. I have not bought bread in months. My entire family is loving this new endeavor of mine. Caleb especially loves his PB&J's with homemade bread. Anyway, I am growing more adventurous and I want to stretch my wings. This dreaming is taking me into the world of Friendship Bread. I can't believe it. I NEVER thought I would step into the world of bread that requires a starter. I've already made my first sourdough starter and it is in the fridge waiting for the first batch. Watching that starter form was so much fun that now I'm going to make a Friendship Bread Starter. That one takes 10 days! Today was Day 1. Do you want to join me in this adventure? I'll try to take pictures as we go. Here we are for Day 1.

Here is my entire setup. (Please pardon the less than tidy kitchen table.)
You can even see a little bit of my checklist for the ten day process.
I can't trust myself to remember when to do each step.

And this is what the starter looks like on Day 1 after about 3 hours of fermenting.

9 more days to go!!
I can smell that yummy Friendship Bread already!

Please note that this is the first time I'm doing this with all the successes and probably, failures.

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Tooz said...

I love this stuff! I made a cinnamon variation last weekend--it was great. I freeze the extra starter, so I have some to give to folks who want it. I'm going to try that chocolate version!