Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Pictures

I just felt like posting some pictures of my boy today. Also, Chris told me that I haven't posted enough pictures lately. There have been times when people come into his office and they want to see recent pictures of Caleb. Chris then says, "Well, Sarah has a blog! Let me pull it up and I'll show you some pictures.....Hmmmm....Scrolling...scrolling....scrolling...Hmmmm....well, I guess she hasn't put any up lately. I'm sorry." That night I here, "Honey, where are the pictures? I tried to show off your blog and there were no pictures!" TheSe are for you, Honey! Now, go show off my blog!

Here is Caleb in his new jeans and t-shirt. They are HUGE on him and the pants are 12 months. They came with a belt and I had to alter that to make the pants stay on his hips. Caleb is so little around the waist that 6-9 month pants fit him well, but they are too short. What's a Mommy to do?

I was baking that day and sadly also having a bad day for some reason. I was rather grumpy to be honest. The Lord then gave me a boost in mood when I turned around and saw that Caleb was trying to be like me and was wearing one of my oven mitts. All I could do was smile, laugh a little, and forget about why I was so moody.

Here is my couch potato watching his Baby Einstein video. When I left him he was sitting up straight and nice and proper. I guess the video was so good that he had to get more comfortable and enjoy the show.

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