Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall is in the Air

Labor Day has come and gone. School is going full force and every so often I feel a hint (just a hint, mind you) of coolish air. Fall is coming and I couldn't be more excited about it. As we consider pulling out our Fall decorations it now a perfect time to stock up on summer decorations for next summer. Just like everyone enjoys hitting the stores for lovely Christmas decorations for the next year, you can do the exact same thing for summer goodies. For those with a veggie or flower garden you may consider installing some Garden Lighting to make it look that much more beautiful in the evening. You may even put up your own scarecrow or stepping stones. The possibilities are endless. I have dreams of having my own garden and I can't wait to get started once Caleb is big enough to help me. Until then I'll have fun looking into all the neat things I can do to make our garden a real joy.

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