Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday

A Much Cheaper Diaper Genie

My husband and I got a Diaper Genie for a baby shower present a long time ago. It has been great...until Caleb started eating solids. No matter how hard I tried to clean the Genie the smell of the diapers permeated the plastic and even an entire night outside on the porch, open and airing out, would not get rid of the smell. I threw in the towel on that one. Well, I took our diaper bag solution and put it to work in our house. You see, we keep Ziploc bags in the diaper bag to put diapers in once they are changed. I try to be considerate of other people when we throw diapers away at their house. The Ziplocs really cut down on the smell. If it is a particularly smelly diaper I just double bag it. Sure, it doesn't cut the smell out 100%. I don't think there is anything that can do that. But, this way I don't have to throw every diaper away outside. We just use an old trashcan from our storage room and we put Walmart bags in it and put the diapers in there. Once there starts to be a smell I just tie up the Walmart bag and throw it away. Brand name Ziplocs do work better because I think they are thicker. The only cost to you is the Ziplocs and that really is minimal compared to Diaper Genie refills. Walmart Bags are free too. Let me know if anyone has tried this.

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Lines From The Vine said...

My diaper genie was a huge waste of money in our home!

Before we switched to cloth (with child #8), we used disposables and I either used Walmart bags or bread bags which could be tied easily. I think that they did a much better job of containing the odor than the diaper genie ever did and were MUCH less expensive.

This is a purchase that I would never make again!! :)

Because we cloth diaper, I keep a hamper that snaps shut and launder one load of diapers daily to keep the smell down but when we are out, like you, I use Ziplocks (name brand). You are right, they do a much better job of containing odor.

Thanks for sharing....I think every mom needs to hear other experiences like yours! It helps us make better decisions and be better moms and homemakers! :)


Becky said...

Yeah, my diaper genie is a waste. We haven't been using it since starting solids either. I do use baggies when I am visiting and will have to start this at home, too. Thanks for sharing.