Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Wish I Had A Carseat

Today I was so glad Caleb had a carseat that I can carry around with me. I met a friend of mine from the small group at Wendy's. I usually carry Caleb with me in his carseat and he sits up on the table with us. He can charm the whole place even from that confined space. I was walking into Wendy's and I was talking to my friend when the sun got in my eyes and I didn't see the curb. My foot got caught and I tripped. At first I thought it would be just a stumble but then I couldn't catch myself and I just kept falling forward. I guess I could be thankful the BRICK WALL caught me as I crashed into it. Poor Caleb was slammed into the wall too. BUT, he was in his carseat and that took the brunt of the impact. I don't even think he was fazed by this whole thing. I came away with a scraped elbow, bruised shoulder, and a thoroughly injured ego. I am so glad that Caleb was in his carseat! I can't even imagine what would've happened if he were in my arms and not protected. I just wish I could've had my own little cocoon to enclose me as I am falling down. But, alas, that is the lot of take the falls for the team.

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chandie said...

you are so funny!! i love your blogs. i'm thankful for the brick wall and the carseat.
have a great day. enjoyed lunch very much!!