Monday, December 04, 2006

It is Time to Start...Again

In a previous post I said it was time for me to start watching my food and to exercise more. I said that Caleb was old enough and I was recovered enough to warrant me trying to lose more than just the baby fat. Well, I am doing pretty well with the exercise. I am 30,000 meters into the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge and I am enjoying. I love my rowing machine and I plan to row regularly for a long time. However, my eating habits have suffered from when I was pregnant. Being pregnant was excuse for me to eat what I wanted to eat because I figured that freedom only comes when you are with child. I didn't not think about that logic instilling in me some terrible habits that are VERY hard to break. Now that Caleb is weaned and taking only the bottle I don't have the benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding "allowed" me to continue on with those bad eating habits because my body needed those extra calories, right? I was even saying that the rowing required that I consume more calories to fuel my body. What?! My brain is running away with my body. I stepped onto the scale today and I saw that I put a couple pounds back on since Caleb was born. I lost all my pregnancy weight and apparently a couple of those pounds have come back. Aaaahhh! I must stop this now!! I wish I could write out some elaborate plan for how I'm going to tackle this. But, I can't. All I know I can do right now is finish the Holiday Challenge with some room to spare and drinks LOTS of water. With food, all I can do right now is try to make right choices one choice at a time. On top of all that and most importantly I pray that God will give me SELF-CONTROL. I need it and only the Holy Spirit can give the self control I need to tackle this. Lord, give me self-control especially during the holidays. I know I can enjoy the wonderful food but I can also be reasonable. I'll keep everyone posted on how I'm doing. Thanks for the support!

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