Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whoo! A Much Needed Break

Caleb and I are finally getting a much needed break today. Of course, "break" is relative. We aren't planning on going anywhere today. Gosh! The car may not even move out of its spot all day. We were supposed to have lunch with a friend today but her car broke down and she is stranded at work. So, that's not happening. Caleb is still in his jammers and I probably won't make him change either. Why? There is no need to dirty up a nice outfit when I will be his only audience today. I am dressed but in a comfy t-shirt and sweat pants.

I say that having a "break" is relative because I am doing plenty of stuff today. I've gotten the fireplace ready for a cold front that is coming in tonight. I'll probably need to bring in even more wood because I forsee some major burning the next couple of days. I've already made Caleb some baby food. Carrots! Yum! There will be some computer work when Caleb goes down for his afternoon nap. I'm not sure what Chris is doing tonight but I'm sure I will have to get dinner ready too. Chris might be meeting with a former business partner to discuss business and I'm not sure how that will affect dinner. We'll see.

The past couple of weeks have been rather crazy. I have loved it to be honest. Before the holidays hit I was going nuts because I didn't get out of the house very often. Sure, I did my regular errands and I attended MOPS. I also went to Wednesday night church and other stuff like that. Chris' Mom hurt her knee and that opened up more opportunities to get out of the house to help her out and to just hang out because she was out of work. Then came the holidays with Chris' grandparents coming and other happenings. I was actually busy and out and about a lot. I've gotten used to taking Caleb to all sorts of places. A few weeks ago I never thought I would look forward to and enjoy a day spent at home. But, here it is and it is great. I thank the Lord for the change and I pray that when things slow down again around me that I can keep myself busy and productive.

Have a great Thursday everyone and wish Chris a Happy Birthday!! He's a Pearl Harbor Day baby.

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