Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Wonder of a TAG!

This morning I was playing on the computer and I had Caleb in his jumper in the doorway. That is routine we've fallen into. I wake him up at 7 am. I say "wake," but he is usually up and waiting for me to come to him and he always has that "It took you long enough. I've been waiting," look on his face. We see Chris off to work and then we proceed to the computer and jumper. I eat my cereal while I catch up on news and email and Caleb plays. I usually hear him play with the loud toys and talk away or squeal at Eowyn. He will start to fuss once he's tired of the jumper and VERY hungry. Well, this morning I noticed that he was being remarkably quiet. I turned around because quiet is never good with little kids. He was absolutely mesmerized by the tag attached to his jumper. He had it in his hand and just kept fingering it and putting it in his mouth. I swear it looked like he was studying that tag.

I was reminded of what I saw in a magazine at Walmart. Some Moms developed a whole line of toys and such based on the concept that babies really do prefer the tags on toys. They call their product Taggies. You can find their website here. I am sure Caleb would be all over that.

I think it is so much fun to watch Caleb discovering things. It is all so new and wonderful to him. It does me good to slow down at watch him as he learns and discovers his world. It isn't long till he starts crawling and I know the true adventure will start then. Here's to learning and the adventure called LIFE.

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Amy H said...

This is exactly how my daughter was when she was a little younger (10 months now). She still likes tags, but nothing holds her attention for more than a few minutes anymore!