Monday, December 18, 2006

We Will All Be Together Someday...

SALVATION...What a beautiful and yet elusive word. What is there to say about salvation? I could talk about how Jesus is the source of true salvation and it is through my complete acceptance of him and his forgiveness that I am SAVED. I could talk about the peace that comes with knowing my sins are truly forgiven and that I have Christ's grace to cover me whenever I mess up (...which is plenty). I could talk about how there are so many people everyday who are experiencing the same thing as me and starting on the wonderful journey called SALVATION.

But, those truths are sometimes very hard to grasp. It is so hard to understand what it means to be saved sometimes. When those times come I have to remind myself of what Jesus did for me and that it what HIS sacrifice that made SALVATION even possible. That is such a daily process and it can be so hard and tiring. There is peace in it but there are some battle scars to go with it.

Let me tell you what is the most BEAUTIFUL thing about SALVATION is for me. It is that "We will All Be Together Someday." Every single person who is in Christ's family will meet together and stay that way forever. It makes my heart warm up knowing that someday I will see my Mom again. I will meet my big brother whom I never met because his little life died way too early in the womb. I will ask him what it was like to be with Christ from Day One. I will get to walk the streets of gold with old friends and new friends. I will be able to meet people long past who's lives I have studied. I will sit and talk to the likes of C.S. Lewis, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley, and Jim Elliot. I will shake hands with Stephen, the first martyr, and I will discuss with the Apostle Paul what it was like to write the book of Romans. I will never have to say goodbye or farewell to my new friends because we will be a brand new family. There will be no curfew. So, I can talk to, sit with, and embrace whomever I please, whenever I please, and for however long I please.

Life will be perfect and our time together will be perfect too. I love to be with people a lot of the time. I guess you could say that I am a "people person." Sure, I can be pretty shy around new people but that goes away with time. I guess you could say that FELLOWSHIP is my favorite part of being a Christian and being part of such a wonderful church. I have learned that my faith grows the most when I am around people who can build me up and I can build them up. For this reason, the idea that I will be able to be with all my friends and family, old and new, for ETERNITY is best part of Christ's grace and salvation.


3 Readers Shared Their Love:

Amy H said...

Thank you for sharing this post with us! I agree, Salvation is a beautiful thing!

Susanna said...

It is awesome isn't it, to think that we will meet the people we read of in the Bible and our history books. There is so much to look forward to. But above all we will be with our Saviour, the LAmb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Hallelujah!

Keziah said...

Isn't it amazing to think that we will all meet? I hope we are able to recognise each other and able to recognise people from the Bible. I think I'll be a bit scared of Paul though!