Monday, December 11, 2006

An Evening of Caroling and Worship

I had a wonderful weekend. The best part of it was most definitely going to REVIVE. For those who don't know what REVIVE is, it is a get together hosted by my good friend and Mentor, Barb. She opened her house up a year ago for young, single women to come and have a wonderful time eating, fellowship and worshiping Jesus. I was never part of the single population when I started attending but I have been welcomed just the same. All the girls have loved on Caleb whenever he has attended as the only allowed male. I always leave REVIVE feeling just that, revived. Yes, I have to give up my Saturday night with Chris, but I know I come back a better wife and mother.

This past REVIVE was, of course, of a Christmas theme. We started gathering around 5:30 and had fun talking and snacking. Around 6 pm we headed out into Barb's subdivision, carrying candles, and singing Christmas Carols. I can't remember the last time I went Christmas caroling. I know I don't have the best voice and that voice was made even worse by the super cold temperatures. But, you know, we were kept warm by the love in the group, our common love for Jesus, and for the love we showed all the neighbors. Some of the people came outside and enjoyed the music. Others didn't know what to do with us. One couple even went inside and rummaged for some change to pay us.Geez ! We serenaded some dogs who were the only occupants of one house to greet us. There was one couple that came outside and sang and danced right alongside us. The joy in people's faces was quite plain. We ended our evening of
caroling by stopping at an older couple's house. The wife was newly
home from the hospital and she was quite frail. They couldn't open the door and let in the cold air, but they stood right there and soaked in the music and our love for them. Christmas music sure does take on a deeper meaning when you can see how singing carols can lift someone else's spirits. It helps to remind us all of why we sing them in the first place.

After caroling at about ten houses, we returned to the house and warmed up with coffee, hot buttered rum, hot chocolate and other goodies. We even made homemade pizzas. After everyone was full of food, we gathered in the living room and began to re eive our fill of our Lord. We sang worship songs, prayed, and read scripture. It was wonderful. I fell sleep on the couch like I always do but that sleep is always so sweet and peaceful. I can feel Christ's arms around me, comforting me. It is like a warm blanket. We ended the worship time singing "O Holy Night." That has always been my favorite Christmas carol and singing it in such setting made it that much more wonderful and meaningful.

Finally, around 1 am we started decorating our Gingerbread houses. I have never done that and mine was so cute. They called it the "Hansel and Gretal house" because it was covered with all kinds of candies. I climbed into bed around 2 am and talked with my friend Brandy for awhile. (I spent the night there while Chris and Brandy's husband took Caleb for the night...ultimate Non-Mommy time.) I drifted off to sleep around 2:30 and slept well until I woke Sunday morning. Brandy and I drove home and
greeted our husbands. I was so happy to be home with Chris and Caleb. I was REVIVED and ready to be a better wife and mother. I also listen to the Christmas music on the radio and I think about all those faces of the people we touched by a fun evening of caroling.

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Susanna said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend:) I miss having 'girl friends' here. Thank you for taking part in the Carnival:)