Friday, February 08, 2008

Reading and Treadmills

Blurred Image of Legs on a Treadmill

I have been exercising at the YMCA for the past six months now. I try to get on a treadmill or elliptical machine (or lift weights if I'm feeling extra jiggy) about four times a week. I usually bring my headphones so I can tune into one of the tv's and I also pick one of the magazines on the wall. Those magazines haven't changed for the past six months!! I have read every savory and unsavory article there is to be had. I have come to being bored while I exercise because there is nothing to do and I can't stare into space.

I had an epiphany the other day. While it is nice to "tune out" for about 45 minutes, I could really be using those 45 minutes to edify myself. Caleb is being taken care of and I don't have to worry about him. Why don't I bring a book every trip to the YMCA? I would probably be impressed how many books I could finish over time.

So, I'm going to start a list of books that I will call my "Treadmill Books." There will be a list on my sidebar of the books I plan to read and the books I am currently reading. I might even share my thoughts on these books. This is exerciting! I will be getting fit physically and mentally. Whoohoo!

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Amy said...

I think it's funny how all of the books you want to read have a resounding theme. Mine would probably have a very similiar one if I had a list! Hey, that's just being a parent of a two year old I suppose!