Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Breaking Stereotypes on the Road

This morning I was driving home from running errands and exercising at the YMCA and I saw a fancy car riding my tail. I sighed and thought "Hot Shot! I'm not going to speed up for you!" (Note: the part of road I was on has a rather odd change in speed limits that I too don't agree with but that doesn't change the fact that it is the law and I should obey it). I figured this person was probably young and thought he/she was in bigger hurry than me. Can you tell I really don't like tailgaters?

Well, I looked again and saw that the "Hot Shot" was an elderly lady and presumably her husband in a Cadillac with a handicapped sign hanging from the rear view mirror. She was even making gestures at me.What in the world?! I turned onto the next road and that couple actually PASSED ME and zoomed away breaking all kinds of speed limits. HUH??

I guess this goes to show that stereotypes are no good. Lessons from the road.

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