Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally Going

I am never one to be excited about going to the doctor. Who is? But, today I am beyond thrilled that I will be sitting in a sterile waiting room, questioned, and poked and prodded. I just have to wait till 2:45 pm. I just pray that this doctor's visit is the end of all these sinus issues. I am tired of walking around with a mucus head.

The only thing I am really not looking forward to today is the fact that the doctor will probably have to touch my nose. I HATE for anyone to touch my nose!!! That includes Chris. When Chris is giving me one of his coveted face massages (a life saver during these icky sinus days) he knows to steer well clear of my nose. I could be fast asleep and if he touches my nose I will wake up with a quick, "Don't touch my nose!" I don't know why I am this way...just am, always have been.

Another thing is interesting about going to the doctor. Have you ever made an appointment for an ailment because you can't stand it anymore and when it is time for the visit your ailment is pretty much gone?? "Does this hurt?" "Um, No, but it would've really hurt two days ago." The symptoms are gone so you think "Maybe I should cancel the appointment, save the copay and my time." But, you know the moment you cancel the symptoms will come roaring back and probably worse and then you have to wait a week or two for another appointment. Needless to say, my sinuses actually feel pretty good day. No pain. No mucus head. I am still going though. Oh no! I know how this goes. I will go and describe my "alleged" sinus pain to the best of my ability.

Please pray this will be WIPED out and I can get back to normal...whatever that is.

See ya! Details later!

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Tiffany said...

I know what you mean. . .I have an appointment about my wisdom teeth next week. Although, I will be ultra-glad if my jaw quits hurting 24/7 at any time before Good Friday. Good luck with your doctor's appointment!