Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Easy Baby Food Kit

In previous posts I talked about the wonders of making our own baby food for Caleb. Not only is it absolutely yummy for Caleb and Mommy, it is also MUCH Cheaper than buying commercial baby food. You just can't lose when you make your own baby food. Caleb is getting to the age (11 months old today) where he is eating a lot more table food and he won't be needing baby food anymore.

I just wanted everyone to know the system that we used. We used the So Easy Baby Food Kit. The kit comes with a video with great instructions, two freezer trays, and a cookbook. I guess you really don't need "system" to make baby food because it so easy but as a first time Mom it sure helped a lot to have a tried and true method to follow. I also had a gift card to Barnes & Noble when I bought this kit. I loved every single part of this kit. The cookbook is well loved and has plenty of baby food stains on the pages. The freezer trays are incredible for keeping freezer burn and oders out of the little baby food cubes. I tried saving money by buying cheaper ice trays at the store so I could make bigger batches and there was a marked difference between the cubes in cheaper trays and the cubes in the Kit trays. Finally, the video takes you step by step through the process. Chris and I watched the video even before Caleb was born and got so excited about it. I've since lent the video to my friend who will have her baby any day now.

I am so glad I bought this kit and I encourage any of my friends to get it or to just try homemade baby food. Check it out and let me know how it goes!

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