Friday, June 22, 2007

Capitalism, Why Do You Hurt Me?

Today I stopped at my friendly neighborhood Parker's Gas Station for my beloved Fountain Drink that costs a mere 69 cents. It doesn't what size you choose it will always cost only 69 cents. Of course, I always pick the largest size they have. Keep in mind I LOVE my fountain drinks with tons of ice...especially after experiencing drinks with no or little ice in Poland. I've been thinking about my first trip to Parker's after returning. I go in there and what do I see?! The drinks are now 79 CENTS!!! They went up 10 cents. I was thankful that I thought to pull out a dollar from my change drawer in the car before I went inside. I still got my drink, but I was miffed as I walked out. Where is the world going if even Parker's has to raise their fountain drink prices?! Geez!

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