Friday, June 29, 2007

Not much today...

I am so sleepy today and of course, Caleb is wide awake and ready to play. That is when our overly hyper Jack Russell becomes quite useful. Chris' parents arrived yesterday from Poland. They stayed on for an extra week. I volunteered to pick them up at the airport last night because I was the only one who would not have to "work" today and I could always nap when Caleb naps.

The plane was supposed to arrive at 10:52 pm. That wouldn't be too bad. I would go ahead and row, shower, and do everything to get ready for bed but put on pajamas. I did wear comfy clothes, though. I even laid out my jammies on my pillow so all I would have to do is strip, put them on, and fall into bed. I wouldn't even have to turn on a light for that.

Chris and I were having our evening "date" when we received the phone call that the plane was delayed till midnight. Ugh! My bedtime is 10 pm. The original arrival time was already pushing it. I started eating some chocolate (not the best choice) to get my blood sugar up and wake me up. Chris went on to bed and I actually watched 11 o'clock t.v. I never see that time.

I left for the airport at about 11:30 pm. The traffic was practically non-existant. I was appalled at what is on the radio that time of night. I arrived at the airport, didn't have to pay for parking, and got a great parking spot. It worked out okay. The airport was FREEZING....very happy I wore pants. I grabbed a real estate magazine and sat. I sat and sat. Turns out the airplane was expected at 12:14 pm. Ugh again! I was very thankful too that the airport was rather empty and not hectic as usual.

Finally, my extremely exhausted in-laws stumble towards the baggage claim and give me a hug. Remember they had been traveling since about 1 am Eastern time from Lancut, Poland to Savannah, Georgia. They kept saying thank you for picking them up. Hey, we're family!! We waited and waited for the luggage. It came and we left.

I fell into bed around 1:45 am and I think I drifted to sleep around 2 am with the little dog, Tiny, we are dogsitting curled up in bed next to me. It was a hard night but worth every bit to bring family safely home.

Needing more sleep,

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