Monday, June 04, 2007

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

I just want to take a quick moment before I settle down for the night to tell you about a book that really changed my life. When I say a book changed my life I don't take it or mean it lightly. Really. I read Safely Home by Randy Alcorn about two years ago and it was near impossible to put down.

I have been aware of the persecution of the Christian Church for sometime. I subscribe to the Voice of the Martyr's newsletter and I read the VOM Blog too. But, it was Safely Home that made it real for me. The characters were written so well that they became completely real in my mind. I mourned and rejoiced with them as I turned each and every page.

Short synopsis: Ben Felding, an American businessman, travels to China to further his business through Chinese labor and contacts. He meets up with his old college roommate, Li Quan, whom he hasn't seen for over 20 years. As Ben spends more and more time with Li Quan his eyes are opened to the reality of Christian persecution in China. His faith is challenged and strengthened as he learns that an easy life on earth is not promised but eternal rewards are promised by his Great God.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Christian persecution and to anyone who wants to have their own faith challenged and strengthened. Don't cheat and skip to the end, but I'll tell you that I cried with joy.

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